Report: Big 12 Plans to Move Forward with Season…for Now

The Big Ten has basically ruined the entire feel of College Football for everyone. Commissioner Kevin Warren and all of the cowardly leaders that make up the conference are pushing towards a cancellation of fall football, and trying to pressure all of the other major conferences to do the same.

However, the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 are not giving up hope just yet.

According to Matt Hayes of Bleacher Report, the meetings that took place among conference commissioners virtually turned into a battle of perspectives. The Big Ten and Pac-12 want to look into a spring season, while the other three remaining Power 5 conferences are adamant on playing this fall.

For the time being, the ACC, Big 12, and SEC will move forward with planing for their season — though it does not mean it will happen. It will ultimately be decided by scientists and medical health professionals, and of course university presidents, as to whether a season can take place this fall or not.

Stay tuned to The Voice of Motown as we will bring you updates regarding the situation.