SOURCE: Neal Brown Will Be Back in 2024

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — “Neal Brown will be West Virginia’s head coach next year,” Tony Caridi said on 3 Guys Before the Game yesterday.

Caridi went on to say, “I know that bums some people out. I know that some people wanted West Virginia to lose to Cincinnati. There are some people that aren’t happy right now. I’m not here to change your opinion, but I am here to give you fact, and the fact is that Neal Brown will be West Virginia’s head football coach next year.  But that’s the reality of it. Neal Brown will be back next year.”

Co-host Brad Howe added, “And he should be back next year. It’s not even on the table and probably hasn’t been for a long time now. There’s just no reason to have that discussion.”

“If West Virginia lost all three of their final 3 games, there would be a legitimate discussion with the director of athletics as to whether or not Neal Brown should be retained. A big part of that discussion would have come from people who do give to the NIL effort because you have to raise the money. If there was a lot of pressure from some of those key people, who said, ‘Well, I want to give money but I don’t like the way the coaching situation is, what about Jimbo Fisher?’, then the athetic director (Wren Baker) would have had to consider that. But that’s not what happened. What’s happened is that West Virginia has bounced back and won 7 games, may win 8, may win 9, but they bounced back and played a really good game. So I think that’s all off the table now.”

Caridi added, “5-1 at home and you pounded your last two teams that came in here, and you’re trending upward. If you take away the two Power 5 games, that would be another win. Take away the stupid Hail Mary and you’re sitting here at 10 wins.”

What the gentlemen hosting the show fail to understand or appreciate is that West Virginia hasn’t been in the Top 25 in the last 5 years, Brown is 0-16 against teams that finished in the Top 25, Brown is 19-24 in the Big 12 Conference and 29-29 overall during his time as the head coach of the Mountaineers. That is not acceptable.