West Virginia Player Offered “Heavy, Heavy Money During the Offseason”

MORGANTOWN, WesT Virginia — On the latest episode of the 3 Guys Before the Game podcast, West Virginia University announcer Tony Caridi made a startling revelation. When discussing WVU offensive lineman Zach Frazier, Caridi said that a major football program attempted to lure Frazier away from the Mountaineers.

“We can go ahead and say it now. (Zach) Frazier had a heavy, heavy offer from Alabama this offseason, but he decided to stay at West Virginia.”

Frazier, a 6’3 junior from Fairmont, West Virginia, was a preseason first team All-American and considered one of the top centers in college football. Frazier is the anchor of the Mountaineers’ offense line and recently accepted an invitation to play in the Reese’s Senior Bowl, which effectively ends his collegiate career after this season.

One obvious queston that arises from learning that he was pursued by Alabama during the offseason is how is this legal? Frazier never entered the transfer portal and should not have been in contact with any other programs. If Alabama did in fact reach out to Frazier to offer him “heavy, heavy money”, they should potentially face some kind of penalty for blantantly not abiding by the rules.