Speculation that West Virginia Negotiating a Buyout with Vic Koenning

Morgantown, West Virginia – Dave Weekley, host of Hotline on the MetroNews network in West Virginia, recently brought up a very reasonable, possible scenario surrounding the investigation into Vic Koenning by West Virginia University.  The investigation, which presumably started last month, is of course in regards to sophomore cornerback Kerry Martin’s accusations about the defensive coordinator.

On his nightly show, Weekley stated that perhaps the reason the investigation is taking so long is that Koenning is negotiating a buyout with the university. Weekley was clear to say that this was “only a guess on his part”, but it’s really the only logical reason that this “investigation” is taking as long as it is.

The fact is that the damage is already done.  Koenning returning to coach player(s) that have accused him of mistreatment is simply not realistic.  West Virginia University would be wise to move forward quickly and get this situation behind them as swiftly as possible.  The indecision and doubt is not good for anyone…not recruiting, not the football program, not the university. With this said, a buyout appears to be the most fair, reasonable way to end this fiasco.

If in fact the university is in negotiations to end his time as the defensive coordinator, Koenning should not accept anything less than the full amount he’s owed on his current contract. Koenning currently makes $675,000 a year and is signed to a three year contract. On March 1, 2021, he is scheduled to receive a pay raise of $25,000, which would push his salary to $700,000.  In total, the university owes Koenning $1,375,000.

If the investigation reveals that Koenning’s offenses were not extreme, he should be paid in full.  From the accusations revealed on social media by Kerry Martin, Jr., Koenning’s actions don’t necessarily warrant him to be fired, but him remaining employed will only hurt the football program moving forward.  With this known, Koenning should absolutely demand to not take a penny less than the $1,375,000 that he’s owed on his contract.

West Virginia University, pay Vic Koenning what he’s owed, move on and let’s put this disastrous situation behind us.