West Virginia Fans Split on Huggins Returning

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — When Josh Eilert was hired at the start of the 2023-2024 season, it was made clear by West Virginia’s director of athletics, Wren Baker, that it was on an interim basis and that a broad, national search would be held to find the next permanent head coach of the Mountaineers.

West Virginia has battled injuries and suspensions early on in the season, and are currently in last place in the Big 12 with a 5-9 overall record. The first 14 games of the season were supposed to be the team’s “easy” part of the schedule with the Mountaineers starting their daunting conference schedule tomorrow night at home against Kansas State. Unless something changes quickly, the Mountaineers will struggle to win a single game for the remainder of the year.

Josh Eilert’s job status was already in question for next season, but with the team struggling, it’s unlikely that Wren Baker will bring him back for another year, despite the overwhelming challenges that he faced.

With that said, there will almost certainly be a major head coaching search following the season and one name has unbelievably already started to come up among West Virginia fans.

Bob Huggins.

Yes, 70 year old Bob Huggins, who was forced to resign following an embarrassing DUI arrest in Pittsburgh while driving a WVU vehicle this past summer. Despite this, West Virginia fans long for the past and Huggins is an absolutely legend and beloved in the state. Although it’s extremely unlikely that he will even be consider by West Virginia University, there will be a major push to bring him back.

Yesterday, I asked the question “Should Bob Huggins be a candidate for the West Virginia head coaching position next season?” on and the results were startling. 1,710 people voted and 50.4% of the votes said “Yes” and 49.6% said “No.” In other words, the state of West Virginia is almost completely split in half on whether Bob Huggins should return to his stool to coach the Mountaineers or not.