West Virginia Football Releases Powerful Message

Morgantown, West Virginia – Many West Virginia fans have spoken out against the Mountaineers wearing a “BLM” sticker on the back of their helmets this season.

Several West Virginia fans have threatened to no longer support the team and to no longer buy tickets to games or team merchandise.

Today, the West Virginia Football Social Action Committee for Change released a powerful video that spoke directly to the people who have threatened to not support the Mountaineers.

In the message, players said the following:

“You love us when we’re on the field, but we need you to love us when we’re off the field too.”

“You encourage us to get a college education, but I need you to support my teammates.”

“I need you to love me for standing for what’s right.”

“We need you to respect us as customers.”

“I need you to love me as a young father.”

“We need you to respect us as businessmen in the office.”

“We need you to respect us on campus as classmates.”

“Will you love me as a neighbor?”

“Do you love me for standing beside my brothers in this fight for equality?”

“We need you to cheer on young, black men that have to face America every day.  That’s all we’re asking – cheer for me no matter where I am.”