West Virginia Has A Legitimate Chance Of Beating OU This Year

Morgantown, West Virginia – With Oklahoma being curb stomped by TCU today (55-24), it further brings home the point that anyone can beat anybody in the Big 12 this season.

Oklahoma, a team that had playoff aspirations under first-year Head Coach Brent Venables now falls to 3-2 (0-2) with back-to-back losses to Kansas State (at home), and TCU (at TCU). This really begs the question:

How vulnerable is Oklahoma this season?

The answer is pretty simple, VERY. If they can’t beat Kansas State at home or the supposed bottom dweller TCU, then how are they going to beat West Virginia in Morgantown?

Now, I don’t think they will. I thought before the season started that WVU had a chance to beat them, but it has been back and forth all season long for me about who was gonna win. Now, I have my answer. Morgantown is a HARD place to visit and I don’t think this year’s Oklahoma team has it in them to beat the Mountaineers this season.

For us, this is great! It will be the first time that West Virginia has EVER beaten the Sooners since joining the Big 12 in 2012. It would be a nice way to send them out of the conference.

If West Virginia beats Texas today, both Oklahoma and Texas will be tied for dead last in the conference. They were picked to finish second and third in the conference respectively, but it is becoming less and less likely as we find out more about how these teams play.

For the rest of the Big 12, this is GREAT news! Seeing those two leave the Big 12 on a sour note to the SEC is wonderful for West Virginia and the rest of the remaining conference, but what will this mean for them heading into the SEC? 

It could show that they can’t compete. If they cannot beat mediocre Big 12 schools, then how will they be able to compete with SEC talent? This year shows just a glimpse into what they will play like with new coaches, and at this current moment in time, it is NOT looking good for them.