West Virginia Head Coach Hiring is Becoming a Real Mess

Wren Baker is attempting to make everyone happy, but unfortunately that will be impossible as he hires a new head coach at West Virginia. 

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — West Virginia’s director of athletics Wren Baker is responsible for one of the most important hires in the university’s history. Replacing Bob Huggins is a very challenging task, but the factions within the program with varying opinions about who should be the head coach has made things even more difficult for Baker.

The Andy Kennedy Supporters

Several major donors want(ed) Andy Kennedy to be the next head coach and see him as the natural successor to Bob Huggins. Kennedy is a former Huggins’ assistant and is a longtime friend of his. If Huggins had a voice in choosing his replacement, it would clearly be Andy Kennedy.

In addition, players on the current roster like Kennedy and view him as the next best thing to one of the assistants, like Josh Eilert, being hired.

The Jerrod Calhoun Supporters 

Many former players, including Joe Mazzulla and Mike Gansey, among others, believe that Jerrod Calhoun is the right man for the job. Calhoun is a former assistant under Huggins and is currently the head coach at Youngstown State, where he has a 90-90 overall record there.

Calhoun’s lack of experience at this level is a concern, however, and it’s unlikely that he’s ready for this position at this time.

The John Beilein Supporters

Beilein is one of the most respected names in basketball and is reportedly interested in the position. Wren Baker is apparently on board with Beilein as the future head coach; however, I was told this morning that talks between West Virginia and Beilein have not progressed like they had hoped.

The Josh Eilert/Interim Supporters 

This seems the most likely option at this point for West Virginia. Promoting Eilert as the interim for a year and keeping the coaching staff in place seems like the best scenario right now because it would go a long way in keeping the roster together. Baker could then re-evaluate the position next season when better head coaching options are available.