West Virginia Players Receiving Hate Messages and Death Threats

Morgantown, West Virginia – Yesterday, a clip surfaced of Alabama head coach ranting about why he doesn’t particularly like the media and how negativity affects student athletes.

In response, West Virginia punter Tyler Sumpter posted the video on social media with the following message: “Someone had to say it.  We get death threats and hate messages in the DMs for a bad kick.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first we’ve heard of West Virginia players receiving death threats.  Last basketball season, following West Virginia’s devastating, heartbreaking loss to the Syracuse Orange in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament, former Mountaineer forward Emmitt Matthews spoke out on social media to say that he’s been told “to kill himself” by “fans” of the Mountaineers.

Later, Taz Sherman has just admitted that he also received threats.

“Getting death threats and telling me you’re going to kill me and my family is also not a part of sports.”  “Sadly,” Taz added, “most of them are from West Virginia.”

Losing is very disappointing for all West Virginians, but the behavior of these so-called “fans” is disturbing and upsetting.  Hopefully these individuals are revealed and are made to face consequences for these incredibly unfair, dangerous comments.