West Virginia Should Look to Its Past When Hiring an Offensive Coordinator

Morgantown, West Virginia – To be truly successful at West Virginia, coaches must be willing to think outside the box and use unorthodox methods.  The Mountaineers will never out-talent the very top programs in the country and must find gimmicks to compete at the highest level.

West Virginia most recent major successes have been the Rich Rodriguez era, when the Mountaineers ran Rich Rod’s innovative run pass option (RPO) spread offense.  Of course Rodriguez had Pat White, Steve Slaton, among many other talented athletes, but remember, these players were not highly-regarded out of high school.

Back in 2015-2016, at the height of Press Virginia, West Virginia basketball was able to beat far more-talented teams because opponents found it hard to prepare for Huggins’ relentless, full-court pressing style.

West Virginia football’s current offense is a mess and Neal Brown absolutely must hire an offensive coordinator.  Whether you like the way Rich Rodriguez left West Virginia or not, it’s impossible to question his ability to put a powerful, difficult-to-stop offense on the field.

Rich Rodriguez is an offensive genius and one of the very best to ever do it.  He’s a native West Virginian and he knows the importance of winning for the state.

Although he made a poor decision that he certainly regrets making by leaving West Virginia for Michigan, he is precisely what the Mountaineers need right now.  His unfortunate decision from almost two decades ago shouldn’t keep him from being forgiven and hired again at WVU.

Imagine Garrett Greene and talented freshman running back Justin Johnson running Rich Rodriguez’ spread offense behind a re-tooled offensive line led by a new offensive line coach next season.

Rodriguez loves the state of West Virginia and would certainly leave his current position at the University of Louisiana-Monroe for the opportunity to return home.

Although it seems far-fetched, Neal Brown said “anything is on the table” following West Virginia’s third consecutive loss and hiring Rich Rodriguez as the team’s offensive coordinator should be one of the first things he considers to turn around the Mountaineers football program.