West Virginia Should Pursue Former Alabama Offensive Lineman

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — The West Virginia Mountaineers are coming off a 9-4 record with a huge bowl game win, but if they want to take another step forward in 2024, the coaching staff needs to add available elite talent from the transfer portal.

While Neal Brown and his staff have collected commitments from several under-the-radar prospects during the offseason, they must be willing to pursue big-time talent when it becomes available.

One such player entered the transfer portal today and West Virginia should do everything in their power to make him a Mountaineer as soon as possible. Kadyn Proctor, a 6’7 360 pound offensive tackle from Des Moines, Iowa, was the starting left tackle for the Alabama Crimson Tide last season. Following the announcement that Nick Saban would retire, Proctor entered the transfer portal and will be one of the hottest, most talented players available.

Proctor, who was a Freshman All-American and 1st Team Freshman All-SEC, initially committed to his hometown Iowa Hawkeyes out of high school, but decommitted and decided to play at Alabama under Saban. Iowa will certainly be in the running for Proctor again, but if West Virginia is serious about making a run at the College Football Playoffs in 2024, they need to acquire the most elite players available in the portal. That’s how college athletics works now, and West Virginia needs to make an outrageous offer for a player that could potentially push the Mountaineers into the Playoffs like Proctor.

“He’s getting better,” Saban said in November. “He’s playing better. He has more confidence. I think he knows what to do, and because of that confidence, he — he was apprehensive sometimes about doing what he was supposed to do even when he knew what he was supposed to do. All of that comes with confidence.”

When Proctor gains the confidence he needs, he has the potential to be the very best offensive lineman in the entire nation. Imagine Jahiem White and CJ Donaldson running behind an already-talented offensive line with the additions of Kadyn Proctor! If West Virginia is serious about competing for national championships, they need to be serious about adding the very best talent out there.

Kadyn Proctor is a perfect first step.