West Virginia’s Ultimate Insider Opens Up: The MHver3 Interview

Morgantown, West Virginia – Months ago, back in April 2022, a person by the name of MHver3 sent out the following message on social media: “Fox Sports advising B1G to expand and USC and UCLA are the prime candidates being eyed (as I told you 6+ months ago). How B1G will they go though!?”

While many people claim to be insiders, this confirmed that the man called “MHver3” was the real deal and elevated his insider information to cult-like status on Twitter, gaining followers from many of the major names in college athletics.

While he has kept a very low profile and has avoided interviews in the past, he agreed to answer questions from The Voice of Morgantown in written form. To be transparent, we initially reached out and asked for him to do the interview on The Voice of Morgantown Podcast with the use of a voice-changer to protect his anonymity, but his sources were uncomfortable with that.

Having said that, here is the full interview with MHver3: 

Q: Why do you leak this information? What’s in it for you?  

A: I leak these rumors and information I get because information deserves to be shared. I get nothing from it. It started as one solid well-placed connection for WVU sports and has grown to dozens across the country. It’s fascinating to me to see what goes on behind the curtain and it gives me fulfillment to pull that curtain back for others. Information can be fluid and sometimes it can be wrong. Sometimes it can be fed to me as being wrong info purposefully to misdirect. I’m not thrilled when that happens, but I’ve got thick skin so I can handle the attacks. My track record is actually really good if someone wants to take the time to dive into my tweet history.

Q: Do you think there will be 5 major conferences still around in 5 years? Who survives?  

A: There will be 3 major conferences by 2035. Who survives? A combination of Big12/Pac12/ACC leftovers after B1G and SEC have their pick. Most likely 3 conferences of 20 schools. You have to remember that the more members you have the more ways you have to split the pie. I also think you will see unequal revenue sharing becoming a thing with B1G and SEC in the future.

Q: ACC vs. The Big 12 vs. The PAC-12. Which conference is in better shape right now?  

A: B12 is in the best shape currently. We have 4 networks wanting to bid on our content in the next 24 months. We have weathered the initial shock of losing OU and UT and maybe have come out stronger top to bottom then we were before. We have a chance now to make some very good additions. PAC-12 is reeling and not getting good numbers for their tv negotiations, member schools are fighting, it’s bad. ACC…half the conference wants out and are very fearful of falling very far behind the Big 2 in revenue.

Q: Is there a chance that the Big 10 and SEC break off from the NCAA?  

A: Not as long as the rest of the Power 5 (4,3 whatever) can remain relevant with good tv money, good ratings, etc. the Big 2 will not risk alienating over half the viewing audience by using the nuclear option.

Q: What is the biggest threat to college football? NIL, conference realignment, major sports networks, or the transfer portal?

A: The biggest threat for the past 20 years has been networks. It’s ruined rivalries and broken programs. The biggest threat of the future is NIL. It’s going to widen the gap of the haves and have nots. It’s going to turn off many of the fans that are still hanging around that enjoy the amateurism of the sport. If a players union is formed then it gets even murkier. It really is Pandora’s box.

Q: How long could these mega conferences exist? Would teams like Oklahoma, USC, etc., be okay with being the 4th or 5th best team in a mega conference with more money long-term?  

A: Eventually the hope of many ADs is that the major programs (top 60-70) break away from the NCAA and form their own governing body complete with a commissioner, and negotiate all their media as one entity. This would allow for regional divisions and a return to classic rivalries and affiliations. We are still 10-20 years away from that.

Q: Do you expect Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah to ultimately join the Big 12? If so, will the Big 12 be strong enough at that point to remain relevant in today’s college football landscape?  

A: That’s a loaded question. The way things are currently leaning I would say AZ and Colorado are as close to a lock as it can be without a formal offer being made to them yet. The other two…well that’s up to what the committee decides is best for the conference. We can add AZ and CU and get a bump in the revenue. If we add all 4 we may actually take a small hit in the per school payout. If we add all 4 plus Oregon and Washington we get a net increase per school but not much more than just adding AZ and CU alone. It gets tricky when you have so many mouths to feed. Any combination of additions will only make the B12 stronger and that’s good for WVU and good for college football.

Q: Where is West Virginia in 5 years?  

A: WVU is hopefully winning 9-10 games a year and will be a part of the Big 12 Conference. It won’t be a very different B12 from what we know it’s going to be with the exit of OU/UT and the additions we invited last year. There may be 2-6 new programs joining the conference from the west, though. Regardless, WVU will be stable, making more money than any ACC school from the new B12 media deal, and hopefully building that new stadium that keeps getting whispered about in the AD. Now if the SEC is somehow able to poach some of the ACC cream, then all bets are off on what our conference makeup is.

Q: What is the perception of West Virginia’s program from other conferences?

A: The perception on WVU to other conferences is not as good as Mountaineer fans would like to hear. B10 doesn’t acknowledge us as viable. SEC respects our tradition and fanbase but we were never in serious consideration to beat Mizzou to get in. ACC is actually pretty evenly split now. All our old Big East brethren and FSU/NCST/Clemson would love to have us and if there was ever to be a vote for us to be invited WVU would indeed have the votes to get in.

Q: How many games does Neal Brown have to win this season to keep his job at West Virginia?  

A: Neal Brown is safe this year as long as he has a winning season. I don’t think the average fan knows just how bad of a state Dana left the program in. The COVID years were mulligans too. Neal is safe. And as an aside we are recruiting better than ever and those close to the program see what Neal is building. Just be patient and it will pay off.

Q: Is Shane Lyons liked within WVU?  

A: Lyons is liked by most within WVU. No one is 100% liked by all in any industry or workplace, and he has his detractors. But the ones that matter have all the faith in the world in Lyons.