(Photo by WVU Athletics)

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Today, ESPN released their College Football power rankings following an exciting week nine. Included in their top 25 teams was none other than West Virginia.

The Mountaineers checked in at number 20 this week following a dominating 37-10 victory over 16th-ranked Kansas State. Chris Low, a senior writer for ESPN, wrote “Getting a read on West Virginia this season has been a chore. Just when you’re ready to write off the Mountaineers, they put together their most complete game of the season.”


Low would then go on to state that West Virginia “could be a team to reckon with” going down the final stretch of the 2020 season.


Despite a couple of hard fought losses, West Virginia is a team many are beginning to notice around the nation. Whether it is their top-notch defense, or much improved running game, the Mountaineers have the top half of the Big 12 at least nervous going into the last month of the season.

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