Analyst: “Neal Brown Should Play YOLO Ball This Season”

Neal Brown should hold nothing back in 2023. After all, what does he have to lose?

Morgantown, WV – Neal Brown is in a tough place going into 2023. The former Troy head coach is squarely on the hot seat, and coaching for his job in a loaded Big 12. While many seem to expect the regularly conservative Brown to be present, one analyst has formed a great strategy for him to operate under when the Mountaineers take the field.

To hell with analytics, take all of the risks necessary.

Andy Staples of On3 insists that Brown should play what he calls “YOLO-ball” this season. This means that he should take every chance, go for it on every fourth down, and even run every trick play.

His reasoning for this is enough to garner a chuckle – “What are they going to do? Fire him.”

Only time will tell if Brown is a little more courageous with his coaching, but it isn’t a hard concept to grasp for the average fan. If he is so scorched on the hot seat, why hold back?

(Photo by WVU Athletics)