Arizona to the Big 12 Picking Up Steam

Arizona is scheduled to hold a Board of Regents meeting on Tuesday. Could it be to discuss a move to the Big 12 Conference?

Tucson, AZ – With Colorado set to join the Big 12 in 2024, several Pac-12 schools are now eyeing a move to greener pastures. One school that has continuously been brought up in realignment discussions has been the University of Arizona.

Many expect the Wildcats to jump ship and join the Big 12 with the Buffaloes in 2024. Based upon recent reports by On3, this may not be too far fetched of an idea.

According to On3, Arizona has scheduled a Board of Regents meeting for Tuesday afternoon. While it hasn’t been announced what the meeting will be about, the outlet speculates that it will be to discuss the school’s potential move to the Big 12 Conference.

Should an announcement be made tomorrow regarding Arizona’s future in the Big 12, this would put the conference at 14 members going into 2024.

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(Photo by University of Arizona Athletics)