(Photo by Marshall Athletics)

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Imagine being 0-12 against a “rival” school and still attempting to talk trash.

As always, Barstool Marshall has made a complete ass out of themselves on Twitter. After starting 4-0 against their WVSSAC strength schedule, they have claimed to be the “best team in the State of West Virginia.” Well, anyone with a brain would know this is simply a little brother trying to get under big brother’s skin.

Yes, Marshall may be ranked 22nd in the AP poll, but their schedule, and their conference are complete jokes. This team may win one game against a Big 12 schedule – and even then, Kansas may give them trouble.

This Twitter account is tasteless, and in all honesty, completely idiotic. Their comebacks are even horrendous.

Completely irrelevant to the conversation, they had to attack an individual’s personal education to make themselves sound relevant.

Stop trying to make Marshall happen. Nobody cares.

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