Big 12 Coaches on the Hot Seat

Even as recently as two weeks ago, the hot seat Neal Brown found himself on was still quite warm after dropping the season opener in Happy Valley, but it has cooled dramatically after the results of the Backyard Brawl and then overcoming the spread and showing up in a big way against Texas Tech. While the seat is cooling, and could almost level out completely with a victory in Fort Worth this weekend, that is not the case at all for the rest of the conference. There are some coaches that are currently playmaking for their jobs, whether they believe it or not. Its only a rumor until some administrator makes it a fact. Here are four coaches making waves with hot seat rumors:

  1. Dana Holgorsen        

As we know, Dana has never been one to mince his words or hold back from something he feels should be said. He’s more aware than anyone that his coaching chair is becoming a scorching fire lately, but he does not seem phased. He said his contract is ironclad, with a serious buyout worth more than 15 million dollars guaranteed. Unfortunately for Holgorsen, there are already boosters that are willing to pay that buyout to make the team relevant right now in their transition into the Big 12, so a steep price for his departure might seem like security for Dana, but a flopping season and a few more bad showings could see him hitting the classified section of college coaching.

  1. Mike Gundy              

Gundy has been with the Oklahoma State Cowboys for what seems like forever. In his 19th season, Gundy has been slipping lately, with a 7-5 record last year capped with a bowl game loss and what has been a rough start to this season as well with the squad now 2-2 coming off a big loss to Iowa State and staring down what can only be expected to be a loss this weekend to Kansas State. If the Cowboys do not get back to their winning ways, longevity cannot preserve you – just ask Gary Patterson how that worked out at TCU.

  1. Dave Aranda        

Coming off a 6-7 season last year, people wanted to see that Dave Aranda put some pieces in place to turn the program around and be the same competitive squad everyone saw in 2021, but that has not happened in spectacular fashion. Off to a 1-3 start, the Bears look unenthused and easy pickings for the conference. If the Bears keep being the bottom feeders, don’t be surprised to see a new head coach in Waco.

  1. Matt Campbell

Poor Matt Campbell is having a rough go of it. Iowa State has been a team least likely to succeed along with Kansas for a long time, but he seemed (a few years ago at least) to really be turning the program around and making them competitive. Now, it’s kind of off the rails, and you have a head coach losing his composure on fans, and that is never a good look for anyone. They did win their first conference game, which is more than their opponent, Oklahoma State can say. But the gimme is gone, and you’ve got a long list of grueling matchups on the way, beginning with Oklahoma. Matt Campbell might not still be in Ames come the start of next season.

Feature Photo Credit: The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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