Bizarre Video of Pacman Jones Burning Steelers Jerseys

Former West Virginia Mountaineer defensive back Adam “Pacman” Jones is back in the news after filming himself burning jerseys of current Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Joe Haden.

A whole box of Joe Haden autographed jerseys were sent to Jones’ house and for some reason that set Pacman off and caused him to go on a tirade, saying, “I opened up my mailbox today, and I had these jerseys in my mailbox.  I’ma show you how gangsta I am. Whoever sent these punk-ass Haden Pittsburgh jerseys, all these b****es about to get fired up.  This is what happens when you send Joe Haden jerseys to my house.”

Jones then poured gasoline all over the jerseys and set them on fire.  Jones’ toddler son, who he referred to as “junior” in the clip, watched on.  Jones asked his son, “Do you know who the hell Joe Haden is?”  His son replied, “Hell no.”

Haden responded on Instagram by saying, “I see Pacman gets a delivery of some jerseys. That’s nuts.  You think I really would go out of my way to send signed Haden jerseys? No. I know you, Pacman. We’ve run into each other lots of times. I’ve got respect for you. That’s just wild. I would never do something like that. I just did an autograph signing. I don’t know how it went to your crib. That’s not something I would do ever, bro. It just is what it is.”

Since leaving West Virginia University, Pacman Jones has been in trouble multiple times with the law and has had an up-and-down NFL career, playing with the Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, before retiring following the 2018-2019 season with the Denver Broncos.