Bob Huggins Blasts His Players Again

Morgantown, West Virginia – Following West Virginia’s third consecutive loss, Bob Huggins was clearly unhappy with the effort, dedication and commitment of his players.

“We’ve got to be more committed than what we are,” Huggins said. “After last game, I said the same thing. I said it would be really good if you guys got in the practice facility. The practice facility is open 24/7. I was sitting in my office and I heard the ball bouncing down in the gym. I thought maybe I got through to someone down there. But when I look down, it’s (former players) Kevin Jones or Devin Williams. It’s frustrating.”

West Virginia has one of the nicest, most state of the art practice facilities in the country, yet the current Mountaineers are obviously not taking advantage of their 24/7 access.

Huggins gave his players a grave warning, seemingly saying that he’s ready to bench players or pull their scholarships that aren’t doing what they are expected to do.

“We need to grow up. If you can’t make free throws, then get in the gym. If you want to be a part of a team, you’ve got to help that team somewhere. If you’re not helping the team, then why be there? That’s pretty much what I told them. You guys that really don’t want to help, then why are you here? We’ve given a whole bunch of guys a chance. I think it’s about time that if you’re not going to contribute, then why would we carry you? That’s where I am.”

This is not the type of team that Bob Huggins wants to coach. His team doesn’t execute the plays that he draws up, is one of the worst rebounding teams in the country and they don’t work on their games in the practice facility. Something has to change.