Bob Huggins’ Dramatic Weight Loss

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Former West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins has appeared at the WVU Coliseum multiple times to watch the Mountaineers, and one common thing that we hear about Huggins is how much weight he appears to have lost.

Huggins, 70, was arrested and forced to resign as the head coach at West Virginia following an embarrassing DUI in Pittsburgh over the summer. Since then, Huggins has seemingly turned his health around and has stopped drinking alcohol. Huggins’ has noticeably slimmed down and there could be a variety of reasons for that.

Obviously, not drinking alcohol will lead to almost immediate weight loss. According to Healthline, “depending on how much you drank, your starting weight, your age, and how you’ve treated diet and exercise since you stopped drinking, it’s not uncommon to lose anywhere between 6-15 pounds after a month without alcohol.”

Huggins was arrested on June 17th, which means that if he truly hasn’t “had a drop of alcohol” since his arrest, as he’s stated numerous times over the last several months, he could have easily lost 50 pounds.

In addition to no longer drinking, Huggins’ lifestyle has certainly changed as well. The hustle and bustle of being a major Power 5 Conference coach is certainly stressful, and without dealing with recruiting, coaching, traveling, etc., he has more time to relax and exercise.

Huggins’ reported sobriety is exactly what he needed at this stage in his life. Him no longer drinking could lead to several positive outcomes in his life, including repairing liver damage, decreasing the risk of heart disease, reducing the risk of cancer, boosting brain power, improving sleep, and of course, facilitating weight loss.

Huggins has stated that he wants to coach basketball and with a clean bill of health, it’s very possible that a program desperate to win will take a chance on one of the winningest coaches in the sport’s history.

Check out side by side photos of Huggins when he was coaching (and presumably drinking) and now. It’s a dramatic difference!