Gallagher Speaks Highly of WVU Fans

MORGANTOWN, WV – Rodney Gallagher has quickly become a fan favorite in Morgantown. The incoming sophomore receiver may not have produced many stats on the field in 2023, but he is viewed as one of the key pieces of the future for the Mountaineers.

Earlier this week, he sat down with the 1 Team Podcast to talk Mountaineer Football. During his time on the show, Gallagher made it a point to brag on the Mountaineer fanbase.

Here is what Gallagher had to say about the fans traveling to the Duke’s Mayo Bowl:

”Like it’s just a different feeling when you’re in Morgantown, especially when you’re successful. Like we’re like the pro team in West Virginia…the fanbase is just like crazy.”

Gallagher understands just what makes Morgantown special. The Mountaineers are the only show in town, and the fans will show up no matter the circumstances.

Watch a clip from Gallagher’s interview in the tweet above.


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Clark Johnson
Clark Johnson is a Football Columnist for The Voice of West Virginia. He is a student at Concord University and is majoring in History with a minor in Political Science. He became a Mountaineer fan at 9-years old and has not missed a WVU football game since 2008. He is honored to bring new perspective and fresh content to the best fanbase in the nation!