Bob Huggins, Future Governor of West Virginia?

If Bob Huggins ran for Governor of the State of West Virginia, would he win?  

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Bob Huggins may have ended his coaching career in disgrace, but he’s still widely considered the most popular person in the state of West Virginia. In fact, there is not only an online movement to bring him back as the head coach, there are powerful donors and boosters that would like to make it happen, too.

However, President Gordon Gee and West Virginia University are likely to not let that happen. Huggins’ DUI arrest was his second chance after he made homophobic remarks on a radio station and President Gee will absolutely not give him a third chance.

With that said, one potential position that has been mentioned for Huggins is Governor of the State of West Virginia. Huggins, 69, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved, popular people ever in West Virginia and although he has no political experience, he is certainly very bright and would likely be the favorite to win if he were to run.

Current governor Jim Justice is on his second term as the governor of the state and his time will run out in 2024. Huggins could potentially take care of his health issues, restore his image and run the state as the governor the state of West Virginia if he decides to run.

If Huggins were to run for governor in West Virginia, would you vote for him? Vote on Twitter below: