Bob Huggins Gives Interesting Opinion on RaeQuan Battle

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — The RaeQuan Battle versus the NCAA situation continues to drag on and West Virginia is now 9 games through the season (4-5). With almost a quarter of the season complete, one has to wonder if Battle should start to consider redshirting this season and maintaining his eligiblity for next season.

Bob Huggins, on his weekly podcast “Full Court Press Radio”, discussed this very possiblity. “It’s a shame, but the reality of it is that the longer this drags out, I think the more and more he should redshirt. That way, he would have another year of eligibility at WVU or wherever else he would want to go. They’re cheating him out of year, is what they’re doing.”

Huggins continued: “The more he has to wait, the more it’s going to hurt him. Why would you come back to play 3-4 games when you can play a full season if you want. Of if he thinks he’s ready for the NBA, why not leave?”

Battle, who averaged 17.7 points per game at Montana State in 2022-23, said his transfer to West Virginia has been beneficial to his mental health, but has insisted that playing basketball this season would be what’s best for him personally.