Bob Huggins Says Whether He Wants to Continue to Coach or Not

Morgantown, West Virginia – Bob Huggins appears to have more coaching left in him. Huggins, 69, is the active leader in career wins in college basketball with 935 during his long and illustrious career.

Huggins appeared on The Field of 68 at the Final Four in Houston, Texas, and when asked about his future, Huggins was resolute that he is not done yet and intends to continue coaching.

“There’s not much going on,” Huggins said when asked about his future with the Mountaineers. “We have a new athletic director. Our new athletic director (Wren Baker) is a basketball guy and he understands the game. I’m happy and I think he’s happy too.

Asked whether he would sign a four year extension, Huggins said the following: “I don’t need that long. I just need to be able to continue to coach as hard as I can and when I decide that I’m done, I’ll be done. They think that’s what I deserve and that’s what they are giving me. The people of West Virginia deserve that. The most important thing to me is that we carry on what we’ve established for this state and continue to have high expectations that we have for the state.”

Huggins’ current contract expires following next season, but he has the option to remain the head coach or take on a role in the athletic department.

Check out the full interview below: