Bowlsby: If There’s No Football, There Will Be No Sports At All This Academic Year

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby dropped quite the hot take this morning, and it comes directly from the campuses he oversees.

According to Brett McMurphy, Bowlsby told a source today that if there is no football this fall in the Big 12, then “it is likely” there will be no sports for “the entire 2020-21 academic year.” Bowlsby would also state this comes directly from the schools across the Big 12.  So what would this mean?

It would mean no Mountaineer Basketball, no Mountaineer Baseball for the second straight year, and many athletic programs within WVU may reach their bitter end due to budget cuts that will have to be made.

For those of you rooting for College Football to be canceled this fall, keep in mind the ramifications with it. Not only would we miss out on Trusting the Climb, but we will also likely miss out on possibly the best men’s basketball team WVU has had in a decade.

All we can do is hope what Bowlsby said doesn’t come to fruition — all Big 12 sports are counting on fall College Football.