Brown Must Move On From Doege


Cover Photo Courtesy Frank Jansky / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


West Virginia just lost their 3rd straight game and my patience is wearing thin. This program is nit climbing. It has fallen off a cliff. The Mountaineers are sitting at 2-4 and there are not many more wins left on the schedule. Two, MAYBE three. At some point, we must see some changes, and it starts with the quarterback position.

Head Coach Neal Brown talked all off season about how Jarret Doege was the most improved player. I don’t know why, but it isn’t translating. Doege is a fifth year QB and he just doesn’t look like a QB1. He’s stagnant in the pocket, he doesn’t have a reliable deep ball, and WVU is 2-4. Doege’s lack of mobility and lack of pocket presence is handicapping this offense. The blame on Leddie Brown’s lack of production can be pointed at Doege’s attributes and the offensive line woes. The truth is, Garrett Greene opens up so much more.

Greene can make the exact same throws Doege can, he is more mobile, and he opens up the field for Leddie. Garrett Greene is tough, gritty, and has shown he will put a team on his back. Today at Waco, he earned his starting job.

But it’s not just Greene being a better option at QB. Why should we sit back and go 4-8 with a fifth year QB? There is no reason. It makes it all more miserable. If Neal Brown is serious about “The Climb”, he will use his young QBs (Greene, Crowder) from here on out. It only makes sense.

This is not intended to degrade Jarret Doege. He wears the gold & blue. He is a Mountaineer. We love our Mountaineers. But this change must be made and I hope that Neal brown isn’t stubborn enough to not do it.