CJ Donaldson Talks 2022 Season-Ending Injury

WVU Running Back C.J. Donaldson is coming off of a season-ending ankle injury in 2022.


Morgantown, WV – One of the most anticipated players on WVU’s roster heading into the 2023 season is undoubtedly Running Back C.J. Donaldson. After bursting onto the season early in 2022, Donaldson quickly became the number one guy in the Mountaineer backfield. Unfortunately, his success would be short-lived after he suffered a season-ending ankle injury in a 41-31 loss to 7th-ranked TCU.

Now, a completely healthy Donaldson is hoping to stay that way for a Mountaineer team that possesses one of the best offensive lines in the Big 12.

For the first time this fall camp, Donaldson spoke to the media about what happened against the Horned Frogs. He described it as a “broken ankle,” and even talked about how the injury has helped shape his mindset moving forward.

Here is what Donaldson had to say about the injury during his meeting with the press today:

”It was definitely disappointing, but it definitely taught me a lesson. Like, you know, I won’t look at nothing as ‘something went wrong.’ Something is either a lesson or a blessing. So it just taught me a lesson on things I need to work on within my body to be able to play at this level.”


Donaldson is not taking anything for granted, and will be ready to produce for his team whenever his number is called. With one year under his belt, the Florida native will now know what to expect when it comes to wear and tear on his body throughout the season.

In particular, Donaldson is prepared to be a contributing running back, and whatever position the team needs him to play:

“I won’t never say I feel like a running back because I’m technically an athlete. You just put me anywhere and I can get the job done.”

Donaldson and the Mountaineers kick off their 2023 season on September 2nd at Penn State. Kickoff is set for 7:30 on NBC.

(Photo by WVU Athletics)