Dana Holgorsen is in Full Meltdown Mode

(Photo by WVU Athletics)

Former WVU and current Houston coach Dana Holgorsen has never been one to hold back his emotions. This was clearly evident with the sideline mannerisms he portrayed during his time in Morgantown…


However, while he never really showed a ton of emotions during postgame press conferences at WVU, that hasn’t been the case while at Houston.

Yesterday, Holgorsen’s Cougars defeated the Rice Owls, 34-27, keeping the Bayou Bucket in Houston. Despite the victory, the head man was anything but happy when discussing the game.

If you’re looking at this from an outsider’s perspective, this seems to be borderline meltdown mode.

“Tired of yelling at them. Tired of motivating them. Tired of all that crap.”


”A lot of stupid stuff again. I ain’t taking responsibility for that, at some point they got to quit doing that.”

That doesn’t sound like a coach that has a lot of faith in his team at this point.

As expected, this wasn’t taken very lightly by Houston fans. The feeling around him leading the program has been lukewarm at best following his 4-8 record in 2019. Even after an 11-3 season last year, many spectators still aren’t completely sold on him.

This incident certainly hasn’t helped his case at all.

Do I believe that Holgorsen is on the hot seat? No, not really. However, should he continue to display these kind of antics, throwing his team under the bus while he refuses any responsibility, I don’t see his team remaining in his corner. They will begin to grow tired of the constant criticism, and they will begin to show their disapproval.

It’s hard to believe that there is a single WVU fan rooting him on from afar, but it has certainly been interesting keeping up on him out in Texas. His tenure so far has been nothing short of strange, and it appears as if it is only getting stranger.

Will things get better for the Cougars? Who knows, and honestly for us West Virginians, who cares? But it will be entertaining to see what he has to say moving forward.