Darian DeVries WVU Contract Details Released

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Darian DeVries was named the next head coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers basketball team, and today, details of his contract with the university are starting to leak out.

DeVries, who made approximately $650,000 a year at Drake, will now make $2.8 million his first year, then $100,000 extra each year for the next four years.

In addition, West Virginia will pay DeVries’ buyout at Drake and if West Virginia finishes in top 6 of Big 12 over DeVries’ first 2 seasons, he gets an automatic 1-year extension. If West Virginia were to fire DeVries before the end of the deal, the university would owe him 75% of the remaining compensation as a buyout. If DeVries were to leave early, he would owe school 37.5% of the remaining compensation as a buyout. 

West Virginia will also pay him $100,000 for relocation purposes. Incentives include $200,000 for a national title, $40,000 for a Big 12 tournament title, and a $20,000 bonus if season ticket sales exceed 6,000.

DeVries will officially be announced as the team’s head coach at his introductory press conference on Thursday, March 28th at 11:00AM inside the WVU Coliseum. The event is open to the public.