Esa Ahmad Releases Statement

Esa Ahmad, who earlier today unloaded on Instagram with a tirade of posts about college coaches, just released a statement denying that the posts have anything to do with Bob Huggins.

In the just-released message on Instagram, Ahmad said, “All my post was for all the kids who go through this on a daily, especially African American kids around the country.  I know the media loves to try to twist ****, but this wasn’t directed at nobody at all so stop trying to make it something that it’s not.”

While I would love to believe Ahmad’s claims that this has nothing to do with anyone from WVU, he mentioned in one of his posts that it was about his experiences and he only played for one college team.  Also, Ahmad saying things like “all the blame gets put on the players”, “coaches are so quick to say family but at the end of the day it’s business”, “fans believe the coach but don’t have a clue what goes on behind the scenes”, “never turn your back on your players or talk down on them, especially when things aren’t going right”, “the negative energy is toxic”, “players trust these coaches and put their lives in their hands for four years of their lives” and “as soon as things don’t go right they switch it up, talk bad about you and still expect you to run through a wall for them” points directly to his experiences during his time at West Virginia playing for Bob Huggins.

Otherwise, what experiences are Ahmad talking about?  Huggins certainly talks down about his players, is going through a tough time with his team, expects his players to run through a wall for him, and Ahmad’s time at West Virginia ended in a very negative way after he was dismissed from the team for violating athletic department rules.

Although Ahmad now says that he was not talking about Bob Huggins, it’s pretty clear that he was.  Ahmad likely saw the backlash from the passionate West Virginia fanbase and decided that perhaps talking about the legendary Head Coach was a mistake.  It’s also unlikely but possible that Ahmad truly was not referring to Bob Huggins, but I don’t buy it.