Former Mountaineer Defends Bob Huggins

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Yesterday, Bob Huggins found himself in the middle of controversy when he made a homophobic slur on on a Cincinnati radio show. Huggins later apologized for the comment, saying he was “embarrassed” and “heartbroken” for the people that he hurt with his comments.

Although many people found Huggins’ comments abhorrent, he has received quite a bit of support from West Virginia fans, who believe that he should be defined by all the good he’s done and not by one comment he made jokingly on a radio program.

Emmitt Matthews, a former West Virginia basketball player who played under Huggins for 4 seasons during his collegiate career, seemed to brush Huggins’ comments off on social media, saying the following: “Aye man Xavier student section said a lot worse lol lemme stop.”

The Mountaineers played at Xavier early on this past season, losing the game 84-74. Matthews didn’t clarify what he heard at the game, but clearly he thought it was much worse than what Huggins said on the radio yesterday. Matthews’ former teammate, Erik Stevenson, agreed with him, saying, “Not a lie detected Mr. Matthews! Shhhhhhh!”

West Virginia University is currently investigating the matter and should have a decision on Huggins’ future very soon.