Garrett Greene Deserves Chance to Start Against Texas Tech

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 

I’m not here to “bash” any players. I’m not here to be negative. I’m not here to talk down to a team that just took the 4th-ranked team in the nation to the wire. No, I’m proud of this team. However, what I am here to do today is state the obvious.

Neal Brown and West Virginia have a fiery, confident, and talented young man as their second string quarterback. Garrett Greene has shown flashes in his limited action so far this year. But for some reason, Brown has been hesitant on removing the leash from him and letting him go at it. Not as a change of pace guy, but as the full-time starter.

I am not the coach, and I don’t get paid the big bucks to talk sports. I’m just a guy that loves sports, and loves his team…but even a blind squirrel could spot this acorn from a mile away.

Jarret Doege just isn’t getting it done this season. He has had ups and downs throughout his tenure. The Bowling Green transfer has done little to lose WVU games over the last three seasons. However, it is what he can’t do that is costing the team dearly.

Neal Brown’s offense is suited for a quarterback who can move around. One that can extend plays with his feet. Doege isn’t that – Greene is. Because Doege has remained the full-time starter for the first four games, the team has began to suffer for it. If Coach Brown has just been waiting for an opportunity to hand it completely over to Greene, Texas Tech would be the perfect time to do so.

The Red Raiders not only lost to Texas yesterday, they were obliterated. Matt Wells saw his defense give up 639 total yards, including 336 on the ground. This is not a defense that is going to strike fear in the hearts of many players, and certainly not Garrett Greene.

Garrett Greene deserves the chance to show what he can do. If the coaching staff was waiting for the prime opportunity and opponent, going up against a beatable team like Texas Tech is the time to do so.

The time is now to make the necessary changes. The season could begin to slip away before long.