Huggins Lays Into Mountaineers at Halftime

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia was down 29-21 at halftime to North Texas and Head Coach Bob Huggins was clearly not happy with his team’s performance.

In his halftime interview, Huggins said the following: “We obviously didn’t come to play today.  We thought we were going to just show up and they (North Texas) was going to lay down.  As much as you tell them, they don’t believe you.  Hopefully they believe us now.”

Before going back to the locker room, Huggins added, “I thought we had something special going on here.  But they were horrible in practice yesterday.  I told them at practice that they’re going to get whipped if they didn’t straighten up and they didn’t.”

Let’s hope that Huggins’ words in the locker room motivate his players and the Mountaineers can turn this game around.