Huggins: “My Pullover Should Be in the Hall of Fame”

Morgantown, West Virginia – Bob Huggins is perhaps the most casually dressed coaches in all of sports, and recently, he spoke with Da’Sean Butler and Rob Dauster of “The Field of 68” on why he started wearing a pullover instead of a suit and tie while on the sidelines.

Huggins told Butler and Dauster, “The story is I was wearing a coat and tie and all that stuff at Cincinnati and I go in at halftime and man, I’m soaked. Just totally soaked – just dripping off of me. And my AD says to me he says, ‘You need to get in there and just put a pullover or something on.

And so I go in there, I put a pullover on and I’m thinking, ‘Hey, this is pretty good.’ So I just wore it ever since. … I think they ought to take my original one – which I have – they ought to put that in the Basketball Hall of Fame.”

Huggins’ signature pullover has inspired coaches from around the nation to start dressing more informally while coaching, and some coaches even wear pullovers when they go up against the Mountaineers to show respect to Huggins.  John Calipari, Bill Self and Mick Cronin are just a few head coaches that have worn pullovers to pay homage to Huggins.

Huggins, who is eligible for the 2021 Basketball Hall of Fame, will likely be inducted soon.  Perhaps his pullover will join him there.

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Brad Smith
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