If WVU Loses to Iowa State, Neal Brown SHOULD Be Fired the Following Monday

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 



This hellacious Groundhog Day movie we are trapped in is continuing.

The Mountaineers fell to 3-5 and 1-4 in Big 12 play with a 41-31 loss to #7 TCU on Saturday. The team fought hard, yes, but a loss is a loss. Fans don’t care about effort when the team loses. That’s brutal, but it’s facts.

We can now expect Neal Brown’s name to be thrown around by fans wanting him fired, and rightfully so. However, I still don’t think we have necessarily reached that point yet.

With Iowa State on deck (3-5, 0-5 Big 12 play), West Virginia now has a winnable game to look forward to. With a win, the Mountaineers can keep their bowl hopes alive. A loss, well, put in a fork in them – they’re done.

This is a game that WVU SHOULD win. A big emphasis on “should.” However, should West Virginia find a way to lose this, which can happen, I think it will finally be time to pull the plug on “the Climb.” We will have finally reached the time to move on from Neal Brown.

A loss will mean that WVU is now the worst team in the conference. Literally, that will not even be an opinion at this point. It will be facts based on the standings.

That’s not where you’re supposed to be in year four of a so called “rebuild.” What we are seeing right now, though, is far from one. This is a decline. A slow and steady decline.

As I have said before, I want Neal Brown to succeed. I really do – but it’s just not happening.

We will see just how this will go down next Saturday in Ames, Iowa.