Jordan McCabe, Future West Virginia Assistant?

Former West Virginia Mountaineers point guard Jordan McCabe has graduated from college and is ready to begin his coaching career.  

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — When Jordan McCabe transferred from West Virginia University two seasons ago, he did it with the hope of getting more playing time. At the time, Miles “Deuce” McBride was becoming a superstar player for the Mountaineers and McCabe, the consummate competitor, wanted to be on the floor.

So he transferred to UNLV. “My junior year was difficult in some ways, ” McCabe told The Dominion Post. “I always felt like a part of a family here. That part I did not make a mistake about. The atmosphere here and the coaches, I always felt like I belonged to this family.

“There is always going to be a competitive side to me, though. I’m a competitor. When the games were being played, it was tough to sit back and not compete. West Virginia was a great fit for me as far as being part of a family, but sometimes the right fit just doesn’t always work out.”

Now graduated from UNLV, McCabe has said that he wants to become a head in the sport that he loves. Huggins and McCabe have remained close over the last couple of years and Huggins’ staff is in desperate need of a young, energetic graduate assistant like McCabe.

McCabe has helped the coaching staff recently by reaching out to top players in the transfer portal to sing the praises of Huggins and West Virginia University. Recent transfer commit, Kerr Kriisa, said that he spoke to McCabe while he was in the transfer portal and his discussion with McCabe was one of the reasons he decided to commit to play for the Mountaineers.

McCabe, who is known as a gym rat, is currently in Morgantown, working with young players at West Virginia Team Camps. Adding McCabe to the current coaching staff makes almost too much sense to not do it. McCabe is a brilliant basketball mind and a young man that players could relate to. Bring him home to West Virginia!