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It is no great secret that a handful of names are being tossed around for the vacated coaching position at Michigan State. Seemingly on everyone’s list is Pat Narduzzi, who has brought Pitt to a place of prominence in recent years. Stringing together an 11-win and then a 9-win season, things have certainly been looking up in Pittsburgh, even if Narduzzi is a polarizing individual. The current Panthers head coach has ties to Michigan State and would likely be welcomed back onto the staff with open arms, and poor Pitt would be starting over.

Pitt has lost only one game so far this season, and the fanbase is already screaming for answers. They want Jurkovec not to be the QB anymore and want all these changes for the staff. Everyone is an expert on what should have happened come Sunday mornings. The West Virginia Mountaineers can use our home-field advantage as the twelfth man on the field, being a disruptive force to make in-game audibles impossible and the environment impossible to ignore.

While he is never one to mince his words about how he feels, going so far as to suggest that Pitt fans do not want to travel to the ‘zoo’ that is Milan Puskar Stadium, this might be the last chance the Mountaineers have to shove Pat’s foot in his mouth. He has the good sense to recognize that WVU is in a better position this season to face his squad with Garrett Greene leading the team and an even more experienced CJ Donaldson, a rising star in Jahiem White, and developing hands skills from Devin Carter and Hunter Clement. Yet, he knows they are coming out with the win.

So before Pat Narduzzi takes his seat on the coaching carousel, let’s serve up a helping of Pitt’s favorite meal. Don’t get comfortable – Pitt fans will be livid with the program’s future after Saturday night.

Image by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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