Pat McAfee Announces Live Show in Morgantown

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Moments ago today on The Pat McAfee Show, former West Virginia University punter/kicker turned media superstar, Pat McAfee, announced that he is returning to Morgantown to perform a live show to benefit West Virginia’s NIL Collective, Country Roads Trust, and WVU’s Children’s Hospital!

McAfee made a bet with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit prior to the start of the season about whether the Mountaineers would win more than 6 games, and of course West Virginia ended up winning 9 games last season. McAfee said that Herbstreit will accompany him at the live show to pay up for his bet.

“I’m going to go ahead and announced it now even though I don’t know if it’s possible,” McAfee said today. “Kirk Herbstreit and I are going to do a live show in Morgantown soon to benefit WVU’s Children’s Hospital and their NIL (Country Roads Trust)!”

“Thank you, Kirk Herbstreit, for paying up on your bet,” McAfee continued. “We’re going to help kids in West Virginia and the football program! Let’s Go!”

See the full clip from The Pat McAfee Show below: