Pat McAfee Describes Why West Virginia Lost to Houston

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — West Virginia suffered the most heartbreaking loss since the Mountaineers’ 13-9 loss at home against Pitt in 2007 this past Thursday night. It’s been over 24 hours since Houston threw a 50 year bomb for a touchdown, beating West Virginia 41-39, and it’s still hard to comprehend or understand how it all unfolded.

Pat McAfee took to the airwaves yesterday to express his frustration with the game and offered his explanation for why the Mountaineers lost the game: “When we went up with 12 seconds left, every West Virginia fan thought we were going to send Dana Holgorsen and his stupid Houston Cougs home with an L, and then we lost it. We didn’t have our 6’7 tight end (Kole Taylor) back there to defend the pass. Head coach Neal Brown, I’ve been trusting the climb, you’ve been doing great, 4-1, could have been 5-1, but we didn’t put our 6’7 guy back there to bat the ball down, no one is going up trying to knock the ball down, and it seems like they haven’t practiced any Hail Mary defense.

This was heartbreaking! This was soul-snatching! This was an incredible win for Houston and a devastating loss for West Virginia. Garrett Greene had a breakout game and it won’t be talked about now because we’re just 4-2 and it was Houston’s first Big 12 win. It was the first win for new Big 12 schools against old Big 12 schools, which adds insult to injury obviously.

We have a 6’7 guy who can catch the ball! Instead of being on the field, he was on the sidelines celebrating with Garrett Greene! And there was a penalty on Garrett Greene which really cost us. There were a lot of questionable decisions, but that 15 yard penalty was huge. If they didn’t get that 15 yards, they wouldn’t have been close enough to get a touchdown. There were a lot of ifs and buts at the end of this game.

But the boys are going to rally back even stronger. I heard the trip back to Morgantown wasn’t a good one. We were supposed to win that one and just like classic college football, it was “not so fast, my friend!” A tipped Hail Mary!? Come on! Congrats to Houston.”

See the full clip below from “The Pat McAfee Show” below: