WVU-Houston: That’s College Football For You, Man

College Football is a game of unpredictability. The West Virginia Mountaineers were on the wrong side of fortunes on Thursday night. 

Morgantown, WV – Much like everyone, I stood in my living room on Thursday night in complete disbelief of what I had just witnessed. My mouth open, my stomach in knots, and my emotions completely depleted. On the final play of the game, Dana Holgorsen and his Houston Cougars took down the West Virginia Mountaineers with a Hail Mary, 41-39.

This game stings for any different reasons (ones that need no introduction), but losing in that style, to anyone, is simply hard to bear. West Virginia had it all wrapped up just to have it ripped from them in the closing seconds of the game. It was memorable, it was exciting, but it was simply a swift kick in the ass for anyone supporting the Old Gold and Blue.

While it is easy to sit and place blame on any one person for the loss, the answer for the debacle is one so simple that many will deny it regardless – that is just College Football for you, man.

This is why we love the game. Not many things in life will have you as nervous as that game did last night. A swing of emotions that drastic in just a matter of seconds isn’t a normal every day occurrence, but it is in College Football. This is what we signed up for as fans, and we just have to take this one on the chin.

Nobody in the history of the sport has won every game, and nobody in the future history of the sport will go without a loss at some point or another. There will be more exciting games for the Mountaineers, and probably even this season. We will get to watch our guys make the last miraculous play to win it, and we will be on the other side of this celebration – but just not today.

This team is far from done, and there will be many more great moments moving forward. Upsets happen every single weekend, many times far worse than the one that our Mountaineers suffered last night. The next eight days will be long and dreary, but once WVU takes the field to battle Oklahoma State on October 21st, the only way we will have to look is forward.

Buckle up, folks…the ride is only getting started.

(Photo by WVU Athletics)