Pay Per View College Football COMING SOON

The University of Oklahoma announced earlier today that its home opener against Missouri State on September 12th can only be seen on pay-per-view.  The price to watch the Sooners beat up on the Missouri Valley Conference Bears is $54.99.

That’s right, $55 to watch a college football game.  While universities will lose enormous amounts of money this season due to not having fans in the stands, does it seem fair to charge fans a fairly hefty price tag to watch a college football game?

If West Virginia University announced the same, I would personally pay the $55, particularly in light of the university losing so much in revenue this season.  In fact, I would pay virtually any fee that the university deemed appropriate.

Fans typically do not want to pay anything extra for college football games.  ESPN+’s $4.99/month price tag is often gets the scorn of Mountaineer fans and is labeled as “overpriced” and “unfair.”

However, rising costs and lack of revenue makes it necessary for universities to charge extra fees to the consumer (us).  So while we’ll be able to watch the Mountaineers for free on September 12th, don’t be surprised if we’ll have to watch the team on pay-per-view in the very near future.