Pitt Steals West Virginia’s Beer Sales Idea

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Country Roads Trust, West Virginia’s Name, Image and Likeness Team, has had an extremely successful partnership with Big Timber Brew by creating Trust Lager, a beer sold in the state that gives 15% of its proceeds to Country Roads Trust.  

Trust Lager has been a huge hit in West Virginia with many stores finding it difficult to keep it stocked. With its success will come copycats and imitators. One such copycat is the recently-released “Fake Slide Pilsner”, a brew made by Oakland Originals partnered with Southern Tier. “A portion” of the sales of this beer will go to Alliance 412, the Name, Image, Likeness Team for Pitt.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and it’s clear that Pitt envied West Virginia’s success and is attempting to find a way to recreate what Country Roads Trust has already done. Check out “Fake Slide Pilsner” below: