RUMOR: The REAL Reason Why Kerr Kriisa Was Suspended

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — It was announced yesterday that West Virginia’s starting point guard, Kerr Kriisa, has been suspended for 9 games for the upcoming season after receiving “impermissible benefits while enrolled at the University of Arizona.”

Now, the actual “impermissible benefits” are starting to leak out and it doesn’t look great for Kriisa.

According to multiple sources, Krissa sold his allotted season basketball tickets from the University of Arizona to a fan of the Wildcats. When Kerr left Arizona to transfer to West Virginia University, according to sources, the individual wanted his money back. When that didn’t happen, the individual reported Kriisa to the NCAA. According to the sources, Kriisa eventually paid the individual back, but it wasn’t until he was already reported.

This, of course, is devastating news for West Virginia, who was already thin depth-wise and become even thinner with the loss of Kriisa for nine games. The official statement from West Virginia read: “In late August 2023, West Virginia University learned of a potential eligibility concern for men’s basketball transfer student-athlete Kerr Kriisa, who admitted to receiving impermissible benefits while enrolled at the University of Arizona. West Virginia worked cooperatively with the NCAA Student-Athlete Reinstatement Staff to reach an appropriate resolution. As a result of his actions, Kriisa will miss nine (9) 2023-2024 regular season games as part of his eligibility reinstatement. Kriisa will be able to continue to practice and travel with the team during his suspension from competition. He accepts responsibility for his actions at Arizona and looks forward to joining his Mountaineer teammates on the floor.”

With Kriisa out for nine games, it’s unclear who will start at point guard for the Mountaineers. Kobe Johnson, Seth Wilson and Florida State transfer Jermiah Bembry are possible replacements. However, Johnson and Wilson are not true point guards nad Bembry has very little experience at this level. Should be an interesting start to the season for the Mountaineers!