Someone in Morgantown Has to Make the Tough Decisions Eventually

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 

Sitting at 11-8 overall and 1-6 in Big 12 play, it’s hard to find anything good about the WVU Men’s Basketball team right now. Despite a 10-2 start, dropping six of the last seven games has really brewed a lot of turmoil amongst Mountaineer fans. The 1.8 million West Virginians that support the Old Gold and Blue want answers and they want them now.

An attempt at change was finally made when the university decided to move on from Assistant Coach Larry Harrison. However, a change that minor will not mean much in the grand scheme of things. This program is in need of a much greater overhaul.

If the administration at WVU has proven anything, it is that they are afraid of change. They are afraid to make the call when the athletics teams are at their lowest. With this blatant neglect, the teams continue to suffer and fans lose interest. This is why West Virginia has been at the bottom of the Big 12 standings in virtually every sport.

If this program wants to stay afloat in the collegiate athletics of today, this cannot go on. Someone has to make the important and difficult calls.

Let’s take Bob Huggins for example. He’s a legend and has given his heart and soul to the Men’s Basketball program. However, things have not been good under his watch as of late. Seemingly everyone has been held accountable except Huggins – THE ONE WHO RUNS THE PROGRAM. Despite his legendary status, can someone please explain to me how this makes sense?

If something isn’t working, it isn’t working. Given West Virginia’s record over the last two seasons, it is evident something is off with the gentlemen on the hardwood. So why has the university been mum on anything else than an assistant coaching change? Why are we, the fans, the ones who spend our hard-earned money to watch this team, left in the dust? It doesn’t make sense – and quite frankly, it’s frustrating.

Mountaineer Nation deserves answers and we deserve an administration who cares enough to make changes for the betterment of the program. No matter what it may be, many of the athletics in Morgantown are in need of an alteration.

Someone, please, step up to the plate and be willing to save our Mountaineers from the cellar. The longer it is put off the deeper this hole is going to continue to get.