SOURCE: John Beilein Deal is Dead

West Virginia and John Beilein were working towards an agreement for him to return as the head coach of the Mountaineers, but it appears that that deal is now dead.  

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — West Virginia University was attempting to bring back John Beilein as the head coach of the Mountaineers, but the agreement is now dead.

According to a source close to the program, major donors and boosters of the program “went crazy” when they found out about Beilein’s possible return and threatened to pull their current and future donations.

In addition, players on the current roster were threatening to immediately leave the program and enter the transfer portal if Beilein was hired. Tre Mitchell, according to our sources, was “only the beginning.”

So unfortunately, it appears that donors and players on the team are making the decisions and in control of the hiring of the future head coach of the Mountaineers. It appears that we could end up with Jerrod Calhoun, who is 90-90 as the head coach at Youngstown State, or with an interim such as Josh Eilert for a year. Both of these options are amenable for the donors and players.