Jose Perez: “I was Thrown to the Street Like a Dead Animal”

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Earlier this evening, it was announced that senior guard Jose Perez is no longer a part of the West Virginia basketball team due to academic issues. Moments ago, Perez responded angrily to the decision on his personal social media account:

“Gave me your word to come back. I went to bat for you in all meetings, went behind the scenes to get recruits recruited/hosted every player since I’ve been here then go thrown to the street like a dead animal.”

Perez continued: “25 years old as a grad student in undergrad classes after I graduated never accepted being put in undergrad classes but people wanted me eligible, only disagreement was not going to study hall and that’s wher ethe decision was made nowhere else. Literally nowhere to go don’t make it seem like I’m the bad person cause I truly wanted to play here and was one of the reasons I came back because the “boss” gave me his word he would have my best interest now I am once again entering a phase of depression and I can’t play the sport I love it’s been 2 years since I suited up and still decided to come back. Good luck wish nothing but the best to Mountaineer Nation.”