(Photo by WVU Athletics)

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Darius Stills is a West Virginia treasure. The hometown kid has come to Morgantown and made a name for himself. However, last Saturday, he may have made the most impressive play of his career.

Stills made his first career interception in what was truly a Superman-like play. It has made me think, and I believe I have found the perfect nickname for Darius Stills.

“Air Stills.”

Yes, I am going with “Air Stills.” The big man went airborne, and showed off his athleticism with the interception. Not only is he a terror for opposing quarterbacks with sacks, but he can also force them to turn the ball over – and not with forced fumbles.

We have one of the most athletic defensive lineman in the nation, and it is time we acknowledge that.

“Air Stills” is the PERFECT nickname for Darius Stills moving forward.

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