Vulgar Student Signs Should Be Outlawed

Morgantown, West Virginia – Morgantown, West Virginia is my city!  There are so many wonderful things about it and it’s truly the ultimate college town.  It’s filled with incredible students from all over the world and is a consummate university atmosphere.

However, students often take things too far and create negative customs and traditions.  One such negative ritual is the hanging of tasteless, unseemly signs from student homes.  These homemade signs often depict very sexual, graphic thoughts and although college students should certainly be allowed to express themselves freely, these particular signs are wildly inappropriate.

Many Morgantown residents are understandably offended by the signs and have asked the City of Morgantown to step in and remove these once and for all.  “These signs continue the cycles of sexualizing our youth, degrading both men and women, and enforcing rape mentality.”

As parents helped move their students into dorms and apartments around Morgantown over the past several weeks, they were greeted with signs that read things like “We burned our couches so we could sit on your face”, “We hope your son’s pullout game is strong”, “I can’t eat *** with a mask on”, or “If your dad is hot, you get a free shot.”

These signs are not new.  They have been around for decades and have become a major tradition for students.  However, I can only imagine dropping my daughter off to an apartment or dorm with shirtless young men (boys) laughing and carrying-on in front of their inappropriate signs.

Signs like this create a fear and uneasiness that simply doesn’t have a place in today’s society.  While some students enjoy the tradition of these signs, it’s time for Morgantown and West Virginia University to crack down on them and put them to an end for good.