West Virginia Responds to Bob Huggins’ Most Recent Statement

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Earlier this evening, Bob Huggins released a statement, claiming that West Virginia University handled his resignation inappropriately and wants to return as the head coach of the Mountaineers.

In his statement, Huggins said, “I am employed by WVU pursuant to an Employment Agreement. I never submitted the notice required under the Employment Agreement to voluntarily resign. I let WVU know that I was seeking rehabilitation. However, WVU was not willing to speak with me about the Pittsburgh event nor to prove me time to obtain counsel to review my Employment Agreement. I met with my player on June 17, 2023 and let them know the truth – that I did not know what would happen to me, but that if I was not their coach, I was hoping that I would be replaced by a coach that I recommended to WVU. Most importantly, whether I was staying or notI was encouraging the players to stay at WVU. My players come first and they needed to hear my support for WVU directly from me.

Now that I have obtained counsel to review the Employment Agreement and have seen WVU’s comments about my current status, it is clear that WVU did not handle the situation appropriately. More importantly, the basketball program is in need and I have a strong desire to conclude my career as the Head Basketball Coach for the program I love. I hope to meet with WVU in the near future to resolve the situation.”

West Virginia University promptly responded to Huggins’ attorney by saying, “After reading your most recent letter, I am still confused by your allegations. Are you asserting that Mr. Huggins never resigned? Is it your position that Mr. Gianola, the longstanding lawyer for Mr. Huggins, engaged with the University on June 17 without the knowledge or authorization of Mr. Huggins? And then Mr. Huggins’ wife submitted his resignation without his knowledge or authorization? Finally, that Mr. Huggins did nothing to rectify this situation for almost three weeks? Or, are you asserting that Mr. Huggins did resign, but his notification did not meet the technical requirements under the Employment Agreement? Are you suggesting that the only way Mr. Huggins could resign would be through registered or certified mail?”

The letter went on to say, “The next day, Sunday, June 18, Mr. Huggins went to the WVU Basketball Practice Facility at approximately 10:30 am to clean out his office. He was met there by Wren Baker, WVU’s Athletics Director, who arrived at approximately 12:00PM. The two met for approximately 15 minutes and discussed Mr. Huggins’ recent resignation and retirement. At no point during this conversation did Mr. Huggins express to Mr. Baker that he did not, in fact, resign and retire. After cleaning out his office, Mr, Huggins loaded the boxes from his office into his truck and left.”