What Joe Manchin Had to Say About College Athletes

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is against paying college athletes millions. 

Morgantown, WV – Earlier today, On3 released an article regarding the role of politics in the current state of NIL in college athletics. Featured in this article were quotes from many politicians, including West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

Manchin, who played for the Mountaineers briefly in the 1960s, had a harsh quote regarding NIL and the ability of athletes to make life-changing money.

Here is what Manchin had to say in the quote shared by Shannon Terry of On3:

“It’s hard to root for the kids when they are multi-millionaires as freshmen and sophomores.”

This quote has not been well-received by many, and rightfully so. College athletes deserve to make the money they’ve earned without any outside influence from politics.

With how much West Virginia loves their Mountaineers, this is certainly a quote that will come up in Manchin’s future political aspirations.

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 


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Clark Johnson is a Football Columnist for The Voice of West Virginia. He is a student at Concord University and is majoring in History with a minor in Political Science. He became a Mountaineer fan at 9-years old and has not missed a WVU football game since 2008. He is honored to bring new perspective and fresh content to the best fanbase in the nation!